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Candle care

Our candles are luxurious & indulgent, we know you'll love them.

Here are few facts and safety tips for your Fleur candles.

All about your Fleur Candle:

Fleur candles are hand made in Sydney Australia.

Our fragrances are non toxic.

We use non toxic pure soy wax.

Our wicks are natural and lead-free.

Not tested on animals.

How to love your Fleur candle.

1.Find your favorite - We have heaps to try.

2.Trim the wick - Keep wicks trimmed to about 1/2 a cm. Keeping the wick nice and short means your candle will burn at the right temperature, it will minimise soot and you'll have less wick trimmings falling into the pool of wax surrounding the wick.

3.Let it melt - Each time you light your candle, allow the top surface to melt completely. Giving the wax a chance to melt so that the whole top surface is a runny liquid it will mean your soy wax candle will melt down correctly and at an equal rate the whole way down. This will help reduce the likelihood of wax sticking to the side of the glass.

4.Burn time - Burn your candle for 3 hours at a time for optimal results. If it burns for less you may end up with wax sticking to the side of the glass, which may reduce burn time and may drown your wick. If the candle burns for too long, your wick may burn hotter than usual and evaporate the soy wax at a faster rate, reducing burn time.

5.Know when to say goodbye - When only 1 cm of wax remains, its time to let your candle go.

6.Close the lid - When your candle is not in use, keep the lid closed to retain the fragrance strength. Leaving the lid off for extended periods of time may result in a weaker candle fragrance next time you light your candle.


Repeat steps 1 through 6 until you have tried them all.