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Natural deodorant


Fleur Deodorant. 


Made from organic natural skin loving ingredients, hand mixed together to create a sweat resistant, all day deodorant.


100% paraben, aluminium, bi carb & cruelty free

Our deodorant is perfect for everyone, adults, tweens/teens, males and females.

Directions: 4 strokes of the deodorant on each underarm to massage in the deodorant.

One hot summers day during school pickup my older daughters 9 & 11 jumped in the car and what followed them was this pungent smell I had never smelt on them, naturally I freaked out (my little girls are growing up). 

I spoke to them about the importance of self hygiene and awareness (they already have a face cleansing routine) and set out to find an all natural no nasties deodorant. 

I found many but they didn’t work and every week for weeks we tried new ones but we couldn’t get rid of the “B-O” and I was freaking out that my kids will just be the smelly ones at school 😂 😭 

I make all types of cosmetics, soap, shampoo bars, conditioner bars etc so thought “I’m going to have a crack at making my own”. 


November/December the hottest months of the year my children tested out my formulation and I was the smell tester. 

Sports day was the biggest test as they also do tennis in the afternoons. To my surprise  they still smelt like citrus, absolutely no body odour. I then gave them to my friends with  teens to test and they reported the same. 


These deodorants not only work they are gentle and completely natural, I wouldn’t put anything on my children’s skin that I wouldn’t put on mine. 


❗️** Please place in the fridge prior to opening for the first time, due to the heat they are arriving a little soft due to not using any synthetic thickeners**❗️

100% paraben, aluminium, bi carb & cruelty free 


Ingredients: coconut oil,clay's,Bees wax ,Shea butter,essential oils (ZESTY lemon,orange,lavender,peppermint,tea tree) (ROSE -rose absolute)  and that's all!


Our deodorant is an extremely effective, but it is important to note that it is not an antiperspirant, and does not contain ingredients (which are often aluminium based) designed to block sweat pores.

Antiperspirants are actually a completely different category of product, and we are conscious that we do not make those claims.

If you’ve been using antiperspirants for some time you may find that you sweat more, but you have no body odour. Based on research a lot of people find that after using our deodorant for a longer period of time that they actually sweat much less than before, as their pores can breathe freely and their bodies are not constantly trying to produce as much sweat. 

It may take up to a week to detox from using normal antiperspirant the full effect of any natural deodorant can be seen after a full detox. 

We recommend scrubbing your underarms twice a day to get rid of bacteria build up within your pores to help with the detox 



**Please allow up to 4 days to make your deodorant if it is not in stock.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Holy Grail

I've tried a few well known natural deodorant brands and they can't hold a candle to these! These work for me over 24 hours! Best of all they work for my partner! I love these so much there's no looking back!


I am absolutely in love with the sandlewood and patchouli one will be buying plenty more

Deodorant sticks

Wow my kids are "BO free"🤣😂😷😵😝🤗🤣😂😁😙☺these pic show before and after i put the deodrant on my kids. Their smell killed me lol. Now we can breathe. Thanks again.xx

Deodorant smells and works amazingly well!

I bought the zesty deodorant from Fleur to replace my chemical based deodorants which irritated my skin. Fleur’s zesty deodorant not only feels good but smells amazing and works!

I’ve used this before and after sport and I can assure you it holds up and keeps smelling great! As it doesn’t irritate my skin I use it multiple times to stay fresh.

I highly recommend this amazing great smelling deodorant!

My favourite, hands down!

After using the Fleur natural deodorant, I won’t use anything else.

I have the zesty and love it, and can’t wait to try the other fragrances!