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Sugar Wax

Sugar Wax


This Middle Eastern sugar wax is 100% natural and offers lots of benefits making hair removal gentle, skin friendly and very effective. Less pain and a minimized risk of ingrown hair are just some of the huge advantages.

Using sugar wax to remove body or facial hairs is called sugaring, sugaring has been around for 100’s of years and is still a very popular preferred method of hair removal. 

Now you can do your sugaring at home! 

If you are prone to break outs after waxing then this is the product for you!

✔️Heat free
✔️ Strip free
✔️ Easy

You do not use strips with this wax, It does not stick to the skin at all and only grabs hair and removes it when pulled away.

The sugar in the sugar wax can be a gentle conditioner for your skin as well.

Best of all any residue washes off with warm water .

Because the ingredients are mild and non-toxic, it can be used on any part of the body - legs, underarms, the bikini line, and even the face.

Very easy to use and a little goes a long way.

Full instructions are included. 180G

 Sugar wax comes in a reusable food safe container. NO WASTE

Ingredients- Sugar, water, lemon juice. 



*Please allow up to 4 days to make your sugar wax if not in stock

Customer Reviews

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Awesome service

Fast service, great product

Love it!

Absolutely love the product, made waxing so easy and cost effective. Used it twice for upper lips and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth


Really great! Thank you


Love it

Sugar wax

Absolutely love it and won't use anything else now